Tall windows really give elegant touch to the home interiors whether these are installed at the lounge spaces or the guest rooms. Big, gorgeous windows give a perfect view to the outside and also lets a lot of light draw in. 

Although large windows look beautiful in the spaces, however these cause various problems too inside like:

# Unwanted sunlight to enter in 

# Damage to the wall and furniture finishes 

# Causing temperature imbalances 

# Disturbing Privacy 

It’s at that time when people can feel the need to visit the best blind shop in Calgary for finding the most suitable blinds for the taller windows in their homes. 

But before making the purchase, there is a need to count on some top considerations which we will describe underneath: 

  1. Accurate Size 

The process must be started by knowing the right width size of the slat which normally varies from ½ inches to 2 ½ inches in width. Some people don’t know about the accurate measurements for the taller windows and they end up choosing for the smaller slats.

Smaller slats look inappropriate, therefore choosing the larger slats are the right options for buying blinds for larger windows. 

  1. Different Styles & Colors 

For larger blinds, the window blinds which one must use should be sleek and minimalistic. The sleek blinds will provide a sense of height and openness to the room. In addition to this, if we talk about the color, go for the pastels, natural hues because these give a more subtle and natural look to the space. 

Apart from this, one can also choose fabulous blinds patterns and textures for adding a dramatic look to the area. 

  1. The Way It Opens Up 

There are always two types of blinds that slide out horizontally and open up vertically. So, When looking for the window treatments for the larger window panes, you can go for both the options depending on your living needs. 

Such as if you face the problem of privacy and unwanted sunlight creeping in, then you can go for downward opening blinds as they provide more coverage while still allowing the adequate light to fall in. 

  1. Durable Materials 

One of the most crucial decisions folks can make while choosing the ideal window blinds for larger windows is looking for durable materials. The material which is long-lasting would penetrate your long-term repairing and replacing costs and would also give you better shading results. 

Materials which you can Opt for Window Blinds: 

  1. Wood 
  2. Faux Wood 
  3. composite 
  4. Aluminium 
  5. Vinyl
  6. Woven Or Fabric Panel 

5. Efficient Motorization 

Motorization means the blinds that are easy to be moved and are more flexible to get adjusted even in the hard-to-reach areas. The highlighting feature of this blind is that these are controlled by remotes and is the best for smart homes. 

Motorized blinds come as the primary ones in this product line-up. These blinds also have embedded voice-activated features and are set on timers. 

Ideal Window Blinds For Larger Windows 

Honeycomb Blinds 

Roller Shades 

Roman Blinds 

Soft Shades 

Wooden Blinds 

In Conclusion 

Hence, these were the main considerations everyone must look out for while shopping for the blinds for taller windows from the best blind shop in Calgary. You can also choose the ideal ones for your home from the mentioned blind types. 

Check out the fabulous and the most practical window blinds range only at Lakeview Blinds & Shades in Calgary. 

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